Mint or postmarked stamps?

Mint or postmarked stamps?

The first problem facing a would-be Philatelist is deciding if collecting mint or postmarked stamps. Whatever the decision, it is necessary to keep in mind first of all that the postmarked must be separated from the mint.


Mint seals are copies that have not been used for the postal service. They have no postmark or seal which annulled it. In addition, it is not enough say that a stamp is mint on the sole ground of not be postmarked, must possess some features (freshness, good condition, intact gumming, original perforation, etc.)


The stamps postmarked on the other hand, are cancelled with a postmark. In the early days of Philately, there was preference for stamps postmarked, considered commercially more valuable than new; Currently, it is the opposite and usually new stamps multiply several times the price of postmarked stamps.


Currently, used stamps are not considered rarities and it is that the postal traffic since the issuance of the first stap, has gained amazing dimensions. The new specimens represent the highest commercial value. However, the determinant of the philatelic market price is given by the rarity. This rarity depends on many factors: the duration of the course postal stamp, the circulation of the issue (i.e., the number of copies put into circulation), possible even official destruction of some series, etc.

Anyone who wishes to engage in the world of Philately will be faced with the choice of a mint or postmarked stamps collection. The final decision can be based on personal taste, with an exclusively aesthetic evaluation; in that case it will tilt by a collection of mint stamps, either you can direct the collection seals used, more affordable.

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