Welcome to Infimar, your philately shop.

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words. Although we have our history reflected in books and enciclopedias and now also on the internet, philately is a hobby that has no age or passing fashion. Collect images of our history, either past or present, is still a huge attraction for people around the world.


We are experts in filately 

On our website you will find the stamps and philatelic material needed to make a large collection. All our items are top quality and we have selected them so that when you receive your order you are fully satisfied. In some articles, the higger amount items, apart from the price you will find a description about its condition and centering. We understand the importance of the price without affecting the quality of the product.. 


Topical collections of stamps 

In Infimar we have a long history developing thematic collections. In 1989 we launched the first topical collection dedicated to the Olympic Games of Barcelona '92. A few years later a cultural collection, dedicated to the Spanish painting, it was followed by other ones dedicated to the world of cinema, spanish monuments... etc. In our store you will find more than ten cultural and topical collections with their albums, leaves with stamps mounts and all their stamps, ready to enjoy them with the contemplation of the stamps and the reading of their texts.


The company

Founded in Madrid in 1985, born with the vocation of attending the stamp collector and specializing in the sale of philatelic items, through price lists and brochures illustrated in full color. The creation of a brand image, quality and seriousness are the keys that have marked our development throughout these years.

Currently we have opted for the sale of our items through this online store, we believe strongly that the future of philately is here. The quality of our items and professionalism in dealing with the customer continues marking our history. We are passionate about the world of Philately and we will continue offering collections and maximum quality stamps. Loyalty and customer satisfaction is our main goal. We are proud to have customers for more than 25 years that continue to rely on us.