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Collection of Charity Mail Stamps Series of stamps of Centennial of charity, issued by the Spanish mail.

The "philatelic collection" during tragic events such as wars, earthquakes, alluviums, ruins and pests was frequently adopted by some postal administrations with the issuance of prices charged at a premium over the normal tariff. That charge was in favor of the aid.

The specimens belonging to this philatelic category are commonly referred to as beneficial. Philatelic initiatives of this type are already in the late 1800s. New South Wales and the then British colony of Victoria, in 1887 each issued two giant, though very beautiful copies, taxed with a supplement of value for the construction of hospitals. Russia dedicated a beautiful series in 1905 with four charitable values, to the orphans of the fallen soldiers during the war against Japan.

At the beginning of World War I, the French postal administration came to the aid of the Red Cross, immediately imitated by Italy, which, between 1915 and 1916, issued a series of four copies, two of which Indication of a new value by over-stamping. Bulgaria, in 1920, put in circulation ten stamps "for Prisoners and Invalids of war" repatriated, imitated in turn by other countries. In 1939, Panama and Ecuador launched a philatelic subscription for the fight against cancer, while Switzerland began the series "pro Juventud" and "pro Patria". A long list highlights the theme of charity, which also promoted campaigns for the fight against malaria and to end illiteracy.

On January 1, 1963, the United Nations, through the stamps, became promoters of the global campaign against hunger, collecting from the postal administrations of 140 countries, in less than three years, the sum of $ 335,000.



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